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Case Studies 

#1 CASE 

Defendant stabbed victim in the chest and narrowly avoided puncturing his heart. He received a custodial sentence for 6 and a half years after trial.

#2 CASE 

Defendant was charged with conspiracy to defraud Fraud involving 4 defendants. All defendants pleaded guilty except our client at the PTPH. Our client had a trial where he was acquitted of some matters against him and was found guilty of some offences. He was given a suspended sentence where as his co-defendants received immediate custodial sentences.

#3 CASE 

Defendant was acquitted following allegations of s18 Wounding against him, where it was alleged the defendant had wounded the complainants. We ran the case based on self defence and he was acquitted of all charges against him.

#4 CASE 

Defendant was charged with fraud for over £100,000. The CPS offered no evidence against our client.

#5 CASE 

Defendant was linked to 47kg of Cannabis. The defendant pleaded on the day of trial on a basis. Despite him being a serving prisoner for the same offence, he was given a 2 months concurrent sentence.

#6 CASE 

Defendant was accused of elbowing man in the face. Successfully argued self-defence and our client was acquitted.  

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